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Here's what even more of our listeners think of Joe and Mable. We think they're great...

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Hi Phil and Jane. I, personally, think is the coolest marketing idea I have ever seen! My hat's off to all involved with this project.
Rex Harris (USA)
Ad Swarm
You guys are great. Best site I have ever been too after four years on the net. Funny I haven't laughed so much in years. Great way to learn and keep up the singing it was great. Thank You.
Annette Taylor (Australia)
Free Trial CD's
steveshaw.jpg (4007 bytes) Hi, This is Steve Shaw from List Inferno. Joe and Mable is where comedy meets internet marketing. It's a chance to see the internet maketing world from a completely perspective. Occasionally, we all end up working too hard in life and taking stuff too seriously. This is a chance to take a break from all the hype and
get real. If I were you, I would tune in, turn up your speakers and listen in to these crazy people.

Steve Shaw (UK)
List Inferno
kimberleyG.jpg (5428 bytes) LMBO...coded: laughing my butt off! hehe. Joe and Mable have done what no one could ever do. Take the Bore out of BORING and Put the Dare in! Making them DARING! There are definately No Glass ceilings with this wacky way of getting points across. Coded, lol, to say The SKY IS THE LIMIT!
Way to go Joe and Mable. I can relate to the cofee or tea drinkers. I have had to replace my keyboard before, I definately had to turn my chair opposite of the keyboard, giving me ONLY the floor to mop. Thank goodness I have some really good cleaner. LOL. Whether I make it to the bank or not (cause I'll be busy listening)- You can bet I'll be dancing a jig anyway. Thanks for the humor and the intellect combined! You guys are great!

Kimberley Gordon (USA)
Enthused Marketing Executive
Cleaner, Safer, Better, Less Expensive!
IreneOrkin.gif (9536 bytes) You are about the funniest I've heard since Jackie Gleason. (The Honeymooners Ralph and Alice Kramden) :- ) And I know Mabel's a big fan of Miss Piggy. (intended as a compliment for her song.) I really have nothing to do with Internet marketing, except to peruse other sites for
educational ideas. But I do think having a good laugh is great stress reduction. Which is what I'm all about. Even people who have absolutely no interest in internet marketing (are there any?) will get a blast from your site. You guys have come up with a wonderful idea. I know you'll make all the other "guru's" of the Internet drool.

Irene Orkin (Canada)
"Whatever Your Stress: In My Hands
Offers Relaxing Solutions."

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