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Phil Basten "JOE"
Jane Mark "MABLE"
Kenneth Doyle as the nutty NARRATOR
Corey Stewart as the irate DIRECTOR 

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Joe And Mable
"In The Beginning"

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Before you do anything else listen to the beginning episode first. It's the green arrow on your left.

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Joe and Mable looks like a fun place to relax and learn. It is. But it is also grounded on a practical business model.

The shows entertainment component gives it world wide  appeal. People love to be entertained. The explosion in recent years on television of sitcoms and soap operas is evidence of a growing need to escape from the pressures of daily life and just kick your shoes of and relax for a while. Joe and Mable is a sitcom for the marketing and business world and for people who just need to have a bit of fun each day.

People from all walks of life visit with us every week. They include marketers, business owners, opportunity seekers and people who just want to relax and have fun for a while.

We even have small children memorizing Mable's song and we think that's a hoot.

Experience Matters:

The Joe and Mable Show Concept is the brain child of Phil Basten, Jane Mark and Kenneth Doyle. It is based on an ebook, Joe? Yes Mable? Are We Rich yet? which was written by Jane Mark and Phil Basten. The web series concept was developed by Kenneth Doyle.

Phil Basten, president of JPE is a well recognized veteran of net marketing and advertising and has 35 years in the advertising industry under his belt, including working with such well known advertising agencies as Ogilvy and Mather and Fortune Advertising.

He is widely recognized on the net as the developer of innovative advertising tools such as safelist management systems, safelist submitters and viral marketing tools. Mr. Basten is also the one people turn to when they need to design a website with powerful sales pulling power.

Jane Mark, CEO of JPE, is well known in New York City for her ability to develop business assets. As president of JED Management Corp, A New York City Real Estate Firm, Ms Mark ran a multi million dollar company as the General Partner of 13 Limited Partnerships.

Kenneth Doyle, Owner of is well known copywriter and ghost author of some of the best known marketing and advertising books and sites on the net.

Mr. Basten, Ms Mark and Mr. Doyle have collectively pooled their talents in a joint venture know as the Joe and Mable Show.

Innovative Marketing:

The Joe and Mable show is a weekly radio "soap Opera" that is zany and wacky and funny as a fit. It is, at the same time, a business site designed to showcase some of the biggest businesses on the net.

15 of the Internet's most successful marketers saw the vision of the exposure they could receive on the net by participating in the Joe and Mable show and joined the principals of the show by becoming guest "stars". In so doing, they assured themselves a permanent spot on this hot site.

Why not join us as a member today?

You can relax and listen into the episodes, past and current, get regular updates on changes, new additions, new products and services and discounts of products and services the show is able to negotiate for you.

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Mables Song - Full Version
Kids of all ages love it

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a division of JAM Marketing Inc., All rights reserved!