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Some short (almost real) bios on our cast and crew to help you get to know us better...

joe.jpg (14719 bytes) JOE (aka Phil Basten)

Was born on a distant star, in a galaxy far, far away, many moons ago. He was fed on goats milk, straight from the goat, which probably explains a lot of things.

Born with a creative flair for the dramatic, he started writing and creating ads when he was 12, however his friends at school didn't appreciate them.
Dejected but undetered he took up studying human nature and became a professional counselor. He started practising on himself but that didn't lead anywhere so, as a last resort, he took up internet marketing and it proved a perfect match.

MABLE (aka Jane Mark)

Was born under a cabbage patch, in downtown New York City, also a long time ago (although she hates to admit it).

She's an experienced real estate broker, accomplished writer and musician, runs a successful catering business in NYC, holds a masters degree in psychology and  wants to go to Paris every weekend (which drives Joe nuts).
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ken.jpg (16531 bytes) THE NUTTY NARRATOR
(aka Kenneth Doyle)

Wasn't born, he was knitted. His Irish Grandmother knitted him into a doylie, somewhere in the wilds of North Queensland some baby boomer years ago.

At the tender age of six he sailed around the world, and upon his return started his own lemonade stand biz. He tried to franchise it to MacDonald's but they were
already into hamburgers, and declined his offer. Rejected but still
defiant he fought back... and went off to primary school.

He sometimes speaks three languages [at once]... is a published poet... creative writer, Latin percussionist and sings in the shower. He's got two degrees in something or other? And, his doctor says he has to keep taking his medication.

(aka Corey Stewart)

Was born in a 5 star restaurant playing the saxophone. The clientele liked his rendition of "Mama" so much they requested that it be put on the menu. He got a job as the mascot for Pixie photos, and toured local Kindergartens as an almost can walk comic.

Corey then went on to form his own orchestra, where he played all the instruments, did the musical direction and conducted himself at the same time.
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In his lunch breaks [to advance his musical career] he continues to write songs [about 500 to date]. However, they haven't been recorded yet because he's not old enough to sign the contract.

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