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Your Name In Lights

Tell us what you think here

Here's what some our listeners think of Joe
and Mable. We love them for it...

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holly.jpg (4478 bytes) Hi, this is Holly Cotter with HollyCotter.com and I have to tell you guys you have come up with a real winner here. I just finished listening to your introductory episode. I was on a microphone attached to my computer and I laughed out loud
so many times My husband in the other room yelled to me "What's so funny" ? and I had to then explain to him what I was listening to. It is hysterical. You guys are positioned to be like the next cult film but of the internet This is just terrific. I can see you being as big as the Rocky horror Picture show was.

It's one of those things where I sit back and I go "Why didn't I think of that"? You'd think with my theater background I would have. Hey kudos to you. It's wonderful. I can't wait to get the word out. This was really funny and I am looking forward to hearing the next episode.

Holly Cotter (USA)
Publisher - Mentor
mikekrisa.jpg (6708 bytes) At one point in time man would huddle by the warmth of his fire and tell stories. Sharing and recounting tall tales of great hunts or battles to the other members of the tribe. In awe they would listen, captivated while chewing on a juicy bone, piece of meat or nursing their young. Man has since evolved and today he sits basking in the artificial glow of his television. Well mates, stand
back, because we are taking another entertainment leap! Joe and Mabel is rib aching hilarious! My imagination went for a cyber spin! It brought childhood memories of me listening to radio soaps with my folks. Good old fashion humor told in a new way. Bring on the next episode!

Michael Krisa (Canada)
Real Estate Consultant
larry_dotson.jpg (6508 bytes) It was so FUNNY, I almost fell out of my chair! My guts are still hurting from LAUGHING so hard! Joe and Mable are absolutely HILARIOUS! They will definitely make you LAUGH out loud about Internet marketing!

Larry Dotson (USA)
Author of the funny ebook:
"You Might Be Addicted To Internet Marketing If..."
gregburton.jpg (6040 bytes) "Joe and Mable" totally crack me up! The web site should also mention that drinking tea is also not recommended while listening to the radio show. On the plus side, I now have a very clean keyboard, and it's almost completely dry. So is my shirt. Almost. I can't wait to hear more of Mable's adventures in cold-calling the gurus, and the actual advice they'll give.
You may not be rich yet, but you'll be getting a real wealth of good advice and good humor as this marketing soap opera treats you to an enjoyable and educational interlude in your too often boring day."

Greg Burton (USA)
Hanne.jpg (5087 bytes) Joe and Mable!

Great idea ... should go great guns, love the humour and your line-up is nothing short of star - studded (smile).
Hanne Andersen, Publisher (Canada)
Dedicated to Inform, Inspire and Enrich
Take Flight, Sign-Up, Today
frankbauer.jpg (4746 bytes) I just finished listening to the beginning episode of the Internet's first Marketing 'Radio' Soap opera... and let me tell you: Joe & Mable really pull every online marketers leg! It's hilarious! :) I am excited to hear the next episode... you have to check it out too!"
Frank Bauer (Kiel, Germany)
owner and developer of
Add2it.com - Scripts
& Services for Webmasters.
maryjane.jpg (5093 bytes) Dear Mabel, You are 100% New York! I'll have to listen to the show just to get my East Coast fix, regularly. And Joe? Do be a little less laid back! Because you're from Down Under, I understand that the wacky broad can seem overwhelming at times. Anyway, I'll be listenin', so make the rest of the "soap" even more special!
Mary Jane Brenner, Publisher (USA)
Contact: EMAIL
treymaria.jpg (7374 bytes) Hi there, this is Maria and Trey Koehler from Camas, Washington. Joe and Mable, what have ya got yourselves into now? My goodness, you are busy critters! Add a touch of humor, a little brains, and you've put together the two most lip smackin', screen lovin', crazy kangaroos from down under! I'm thinking about quitting my job to follow the
Joe and Mable tour this summer. When does the U.S. tour begin? I'm leaving hubby home to his Safelistworld.com Addiction. I'm thinking about selling Kangaroo tie-dye T-shirts, and watch Joe wrestle spam and hack the alligators!

I want to hang out with Mable and tango with the great Internet reef. It would sure beat listening to bugs in the electric bug zapper on Friday nights with the neighbors. Thanks for putting Joe and Mable on the Web, now the world can experience the inner peace we've achieved through their radical outlook on Life!  Joe and Mable's been the best thing ever since Furbies and Blackberry Pie! We here at http://SafelistWorld.com applaud you and love you! Go get um Joe and Mable!

Trey & Maria Koehler Webmasters

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Mable's Gang
The Squirt is on the right.

squirt.jpg (8377 bytes)
Hey, Mom. I see you are up to your old zany tricks again. Joe and Mable is terrific. Life is never dull with you around. I know you have a winner here. Oh, your grandson, Alex, says hi.

Andy, Julie and Alex Lazes, Chicago (USA)

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