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Here's what even more of our listeners think of Joe and Mable. We think they're great...

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WayneKnazek.jpg (6259 bytes) I gotta tell ya, at first I thought your plans were a little hoakie! A radio show? Are we rich yet? Come on! Then I sat back and listened to it. And at first, again, I thought . . . Hmmm, could this work? Is it really going anywhere? Then, as I listened, I SAW where you were headed! And I think you have a WINNER here! :-)
I gotta tell ya, I went from being skeptical, to laughing, literally out loud! Anyway, my very best of luck on your launch!

Wayne Knazek (USA)
The Net Trainer (a.k.a. TNT)
RonRink.jpg (6490 bytes) Hey you guys --- this is Ron Rink up here in Vermont. I am so cold right now. The thermometer outside my office window is registering minus 12 degrees --- and that’s the high for today. It was only minus 24 degrees this morning. Too cold to go out. What to do – what to do. I need a good laugh to warm me up! I know – I think I’ll go see what Joe and Mable are up to.
I wonder if they’re rich yet! <Chuckle> Here goes ….

Now, that was just the thing for a cold, cold winter’s day in Vermont. What better than a few good chuckles to warm you up for the day? You can count on Joe and Mable to fill the bill. They even made feel so good that I went ahead and bought their great eBook called, “Joe? ---- Yes Mable? ---- Are We Rich Yet?

I got the book in minutes and read it through from cover to cover. What else are you going to do on a frigid cold day in Vermont? Can’t go out and talk to people, they’d think you were nuts or something. I learned more about how to write a fantastically good ad, just by reading this amazing eBook. If I were you, I’d go get one right away --- even if it’s not cold where you are.

Hey, and, while you’re at it --- sign up to become a member of the Sitcom and Soap Opera Junkies group --- and --- you might as well become an affiliate while you’re at it. Joe and Mable are going to be doing some great shows with some of the big name gurus to help you learn how to grow your Internet Business and have a ball doing it.

Don’t wait for it to get cold. Go to their site right now, even if it’s warm outside: joeandmable.com go there --- and get a Zany, Wacky, Irreverent look at the world of Internet Marketing! It sure warmed me up and made my day!

Ron Rink
Vermont (USA)

Haven Enterprises
mahlon.jpg (5757 bytes) Hi Joe n Mable,

This is really funny. I must say that this is completely different. I love it.

Mahlon Rissler (USA)

The Web's newest stars, "Joe and Mable," pose this welcome chant: Lighten up, O Ye Mighty Gurus, Masters of CyberSpace ~~ Two Grand Inquisitors seek your fruitful counsel, face-to-face." For Web Wackiness, follow Joe and Mable's Soap Opera Encounters as they bombard and besiege some of the Internet's 'Better-Known Egos...' Yo! Joe and Mable will penetrate pretensions, probe pontifications, and just plain poke fun at it all. Tune in, with me, regularly, for it will always be Capital LOL time!

Bernard Burry, Shawnee, OK USA
Prestigious Profits
lars.jpg (4731 bytes) Dear Phil & Jane,
We use to say! The Mable is in the ART within Joe & Mable! This is going to be hilarious.. as with building your income online! To our Rich future.

Lars-Johan Andersson, Sweden
A Classy Way To Build Your Income!
The Site is WONDERFUL! This is the most original idea I have seen in ages. You can quote me on that. I love it!

Melinda Gibbs (USA)
Be Paid Cash
It IS ZaNy, AND WaCkY AND IrReVeRaNt... Oh my GAAAWD!!!! This is for everybody marketing online!!! I LOVE IT... AND It's the best bit of "poking at me" fun I've had in a long time! (oh heck...maybe I can pretend it's just Joe and Mable?!?) When the 'Allelulias' kicked in I DID have coffee coming out my nose!!! See??? I just can't follow good advice! I... I... I'm still having trouble breathing!!!! SOOOOOO much fun!! And you'll NEVER run out of material with all the goofballs like me running around! (and just imagine the things we WON'T confess to!) LOL You've made my day! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! I just HAD to share... :-)
--Mary K

Mary K Weinhagen
Who IS this Mary K, anyway?
BobKnee.jpg (5071 bytes) Hi, This is Bob Knee with Vmail Express in Grand Forks, North Dakota.

Laugh and the world will laugh with you, a Wiseman once said. So, Joe and Mable are making the world laugh. In doing so, making it a better place for all of us. After listening to the first episode, I laughed so hard, my stomach
muscles hurt. I think I need some exercise. Come to think of it, laughing is good exercise. I’ll call it my laugh-aerobics program. I’ll rise each day and listen to the “Joe and Mable, Are We Rich Yet?“ show. Everyone should listen to this show. It will make your life much, much, better.
Bob Knee
CEO – Vmail Express

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