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The Joe and Mable Showcase

Joe and Mable
Back in the Big Apple

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"Why is Mable so anxious to know where Joe went on their last night in Texas?" Where is the old Narrator and where did Joe dig the new one up? And Who cares?

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"Back in the Big Apple - Part 1"

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Mable's half song


In our last wee bit of a story, we left Joe and Mable in a Texas Pub where they attended a seminar to increase their marketing millions.


Someone's just handed me a correction:

Sorry, it seems we left Joe in a Texas pub getting drunk with Mable. No he wasn't drunk with Mable. He was getting drunk by himself. Mable was wandering around the hotel suite looking for Joe in the closet.

I was saying to meself, self, I think there might have been just a wee bit of shenanigans" going on between these two in Texas...

Mable - Joe? What is this guy doing here. Where's the old narrator?

Joe - Ssssh Mable, The old narrator didn't show up so I dragged this guy off the street. It was an emergency.

Mable- Well, this guy sounds like he's got a pint of Guinness in him.

Narrator: Will you two keep quiet! I'm the one who has to read this blarney.

Mable: oh, go ahead and finish. I can hardly wait to hear what happened next...


As I was saying before I was rudely interrupted...

Mable was looking for Joe in the closet and couldn't find him. Joe was somewhere in Texas having a liquid supper and now they are back in New York?

Mable: That's a story?

Joe: Give the guy a chance, Mable. It's his first day.

Mable: At this rate Joe, it's gonna be his last.

Narrator: And so our story continues...

Well, maybe mine doesn't...


Yes, Mable?

Mable: I'm so glad to be out of that Texas place where the seminar was.
I felt like a fish out of water.

Joe: Really, Mable. Why is that?

Mable: I got the feeling that no one in Texas knows what or where Australia is.

Joe: and that's why you felt like a fish out of water?

Mable: Yeah, Joe. Texas is big. Australia is big and you'd think one would know
something about the other.

Joe: There's some logic here, right?

Mable: Oh nevermind, Joe. We're here in NY and everyone speaks my language. I'm home.

Joe: I thought I spoke your language, Mable.

Mable: Not really, Joe? Do you think I really know what you mean when you say "Bugger all" or "no worries" or "I went walk about".? I gotta translate it all the time. And speaking of going walk about, Joe. Where were you that last night in Texas? I went back to the suite and you weren't there. We never really talked about this, you know...

Joe: Not much to talk about, Mable. You didn't show up at the bar.

Mable: What do mean not much to talk about? I did go to the bar but you weren't there. I went back to the suite. You weren't there.

Joe: You said that already, Mable.

Mable: Yeah, Joe. I know I did. But I'm just curious about what happened, that's all.

Joe: That's all?

Mable: Yes, that's all. I thought you were lost and I was worried.

Joe: Worried, eh?

Mable: Yes Joe, I was worried. I thought you wouldn't be able to find your way to New York.

Joe: You shouldn't have worried about that. Australians are great trackers, Mable. We know how to find our way around if we have to.

Mable: I can see this conversation is going nowhere. Are you going to tell where you were, Joe?

Joe: Maybe someday, Mable.

Mable: Jeez you can be annoying sometimes, Joe.

Joe: Who me?

Mable: Ah, Joe go wrestle an alligator.

Joe: It's a crocodile, Mable. We wrestle crocodiles even when we're in Texas.


Well, it seems that Mable can not get Joe to reveal where he was that last night in Texas.

Mable says she was "just worried". Me thinks the lady doth protest too much.

Mable: Joe. Why is the narrator quoting Shakespeare in the middle of our

Narrator: Your episode is over now Mable. Be quiet. I'm trying to give this lame story some life.

Mable: You sure know how to pick um , Joe.

Joe: Well if you stopped spending the show's budget on caftans to wear in Paris, I might be able to hire someone decent.

Narrator: Could you two-stop blathering on and let me finish?

As I was saying. Mable was worried. Joe ain't talking and, now the two
of them are out of that Texas place and back in the Big Apple.

Tune in next week to see what other zany things might happen with our two internet heroes.

I might still be here, but who the heck knows...

That Mable's got a tongue that could clip hedges.

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