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The Joe and Mable Showcase

Joe and Mable
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"Mable seems to be worried about the things slowing down on the internet. she feels it will delay her trip to Paris. Joe is tired of hearing about paris and gives here a hard time.

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Series 2 - Episode 5 now

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Well Begosh and Begorah

Last week Mable tried to sell Joe's necklace. She didn't realize that Joe was buying her a matching bracelet. I don't think these two are in sync. Maybe I should buy them a watch.

Mable: You can’t afford a watch.

Narrator: Come to think of it, on the money you pay me, I can't even afford to be here, so I'm leaving...

Mable: Watch it.

FX Sound: tic toc

As I was saying, before I was so rudely interrupted, Joe and Mable were out spending money they should have given to me.

So let's see what they're up to this week. I'm off to do something more productive ... Like get a real job.

And so our story continues....

Mable: Joe?

Joe: Yes, Mable?

Mable: What do you do when times are slow?

Joe: Change the battery in your watch.

Mable: Joe, be serious for once. I’m talking about the economy and things slowing down on the internet. I mean if things get slow, I won't be able to save up for my trip to Paris.

Joe: Mable, Paris isn't going anywhere. Besides, I doubt Paris is ready for you yet.

FX Sound: Dragnet.

Mable: What do you mean by that, Joe?

Joe: Well, knowing you, you'll probably cause a sensation in Paris and they won't know what hit them.

Mable: You think so, Joe?

Joe: Yes, Mable. I doubt Paris has ever seen anyone quite like you.

Mable: How about you Joe?

Joe: How about me what?

Mable: Have you seen anyone quite like me?

Joe: Not recently. You’re definitely one of a kind, Mable.

FX Sound: Here's looking at you kid.

Mable: Well, I agree with that. Now what do we do when things slow down on the net.

Joe: Use my watch?

Mable: Ah Joe, go wrestle an alligator

Joe: Crocodiles, Mable. We wrestle croc-o-diles and they are always on time for dinner.

FX Sound: Tie me kangaroo down, sport.


Did you understand any of that? I felt as if I was reading the London Chimes instead of a comedy script.

FX Sound: Big Ben

Mable: That's the London Times, you nitwit.

FX Sound: Missed it by that much.

Narrator: Chimes, Times. It all adds up to the same thing. Get a watch so you can get in sync with each other.

Mable: Watch it, you can be replaced.

Narrator: I need a drink.

Mable: Is that all you ever think about. That stuff can kill you.

Narrator: Perhaps, but as we say in Ireland...

There are many good reasons for drinking,
One has just entered my head,
If a man doesn't drink when he's living,
How the hell can he drink when he's dead?

Mable: Could we finish this episode please.

Narrator: If I must. I heard a rumor that a new guru is planning to visit Joe and Mable next week. Maybe that episode will make a lot more sense.

Tune in next week, although I have no idea why you’d want to.

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