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The Joe and Mable Showcase

Joe and Mable
Sax or Saks

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"Mable wants to take Joe to Saks? Joe thinks it's a musical instrument. Mable finds out Joe has money he didn't tell her about.

Listen in to
Series 2 -Episode 3 now

"Saks Adventure"

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Mable Song (intro)


(Sound of doors slamming)

Narrator: (sounding drunk) Good evening, folks. Sorry I'm a wee bit late But I stopped in for a liquid lunch on me way to this gig.

Let's see now, who's got the script?

Mable: Joe, Is the narrator drunk?

Joe: seems that way, Mable.

Mable: Do we have to keep this guy around?

Joe: We don't have a much of a choice, Mable, I couldn't find anyone else.

(Song: Beer, beer, beer.)


Where were we? Oh that's right, It seems we left Joe and Mable suing each other last week.

Mable broke her arm, Joe thought it might better if she broke her tongue instead and some doctor wanted 5 percent of her tongue or was that his appearance fee for the broken arm.

I'm confused. I think I need another drink...

Mable: Get this guy out of here Joe, we are not paying him to get smashed on the job...

Sound: Glass breaking

Narrator: As I was saying, Joe and Mable have some things to work out.

Mable wants to take Joe around NY with her. She thinks the Aussie needs to unwind before they head back to the land of kangaroos and crocodiles.

And so our story (hic) continues...

Mable: Joe?

Joe: Yes Mable?

Mable: I think we should go to Saks.

Joe: Why Mable? Where's the band?

Sound: Pink Panther Theme

Mable: Not Sax, Joe. Saks.

Joe: What's a Saks?

Mable: It's a very expensive store on fifth avenue and I want you to see it because you don't have anything like it in Australia.

Joe: What are you going to spend now, Mable?

Mable: I thought we'd spend some time there, Joe

Joe: I meant, money, Mable? I assume you want to go to Saks to buy something.

Mable: Not really, Joe. I am saving up to go to Paris, you know.

Song: I love Paris ...

Joe: Well, going to Paris sounds a tad more romantic than going to Saks.

Mable: Joe. Are you getting romantic on me?

Joe: Now that your arm is getting better, Mable, I was thinking that a little romance couldn't hurt.

Song: Chances are...

Mable: Joe that's so sweet, but seriously, wouldn't you like to see one of our most glamorous stores.

Joe: I would have thought going to the Empire State Building or the Statue of liberty was the usual tourist thing...

Mable: That's boring, Joe. Everyone does that.

Joe: Yeah but these are the usual tourist spots that people want to see.

Mable: I didn't consider that, Joe, but I'd still like to go to Saks.

Joe: Okay Mable. Saks it is.

Mable: Thanks Joe, You'll love it.

Sound: Street sounds

Mable: Well Joe, this is Saks, what do you think?

Joe: It looks like a department store, Mable.

Mable: It is a department store, Joe, the best in the world.

Joe: Okay, show me around then.

Sound: crowd

Joe: Boy it's crowded in here. Why don't you show me the jewelry section and maybe I'll buy you a necklace or something.

Mable: You don't need to do that, Joe. I just thought we'd just look around and have some lunch.

Joe: So let's go to the jewelry section and then have lunch.

Mable: Okay Joe, we can start there, if you want.

Song: Diamonds are a girls best friend

Joe: This necklace is nice, Mable, try it on so we can see how it looks on you.

Mable: Okay, Joe.

Joe: What do you think? It looks great to me

Mable: I love it, Joe.

Joe: Excuse me, how much is this necklace.

Salesperson: $9,000 sir.

Joe: $9,000? You've got to be kidding.

Mable: I think he's serious, Joe.

Joe: Are these real diamonds?

Salesperson. Nope. Imitation.

Joe: You're nuts. You expect me to pay $9000 for a piece of glass?

Mable: Joe, it's not glass, these are fake diamonds, They are expensive because they are made by a famous designer.
Joe: Mable, that's not expensive, it's obscene. Anyway, I said I would buy you something, so I guess I'm hooked.

Mable: Joe, you mean you would really buy me a $9,000 necklace? I couldn't let you do that.

Joe: I said I would buy you something, Mable, and it does look great on you.

Mable: You didn't tell me you had $9000 just laying around.

Sound: Police, We have you surrounded.

Joe: Didn't I?

Mable: No you didn't and you should have told me.

Joe: Why?

Mable: Cause Joe, we could have flown to Paris on 9000 dollars.

Joe: Women! They're never happy.

Mable: Ah Joe, go wrestle an alligator.

Joe: It's a crocodile Mable. We wrestle crocodiles and they aren't fake like your diamond necklaces.

Song: Tie me kangaroo down sport.


Well now, begosh and begorrah, What has Joe gotten himself into now?

It seems he has shot his mouth off and has to buy Mable that 9,000 necklace... Maybe Saks will give him a discount...

Sound: People laughing

Maybe Joe should have gone to the Empire State Building instead and jumped off.

Sound: ---- weeeee

Narrator: or pushed Mable off! Just kidding, Mable.

Mable: Watch it liquid man...

Narrator: Tune in next week to see if Joe got Mable the necklace and to see what else she has in store for him.

Mable's song (end)

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