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Meet our guest star
Mark Joyner
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"Mark Joyner is the Tiger Woods of Internet Marketing. He is singularly skilled in demystifying online marketing through the use of his unconventional tactics that work."
- Mike Litman, Host of the international radio show, Business Breakthroughs.

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Mark Joyner is the CEO of aesop.com and one of the early pioneers of Internet marketing. He is a frequent guest expert on national TV and radio. Formerly a U.S. Army Officer and cold war veteran of U.S. Army Intelligence, he turned his fledgling one-man Internet business (on a shoe-string budget) into a multi-million dollar international corporation.

He is responsible for creating many of the top 100 most visited sites in the world (most notably startblaze.com), and has helped other sites achieve this status as well.

Mark speaks Korean fluently, plays guitar and sings for a Los Angeles band, does his best thinking "hanging upside-down in inversion boots," lives in a Hollywood flat that was once the home of Errol Flynn, surfs the beaches of Southern California ("poorly," he adds), works out two or three times a day, is involved in various philanthropic activities, and can be found chatting with panhandlers on the streets of Hollywood Blvd. from time to time ("For my benefit, not theirs," he says).

"Clearly, Mark Joyner has done for Internet marketing what Jay Abraham did for direct marketing." - Chet Holmes, Fortune 500 consultant, million-dollar trainer and marketing maven. 

"Mark Joyner is an Internet marketing genius. If someone were to ask me, 'How does one sell on the net?' I would reply, 'Ask Mark Joyner.' He is the best. No question." - Jay Conrad Levinson, Author, the Guerrilla Marketing series.

Here's what others are saying about Mind Control Marketing - Mark's Latest Creation.

“Mark Joyner blends his remarkable success on the internet with his knowledge of military tactics to create a book on how to succeed on the web that is unlike any other book you'll find anywhere. His wonderful storytelling ability and Mark's uncanny approach to business is replete with real world examples and poignant lessons that are priceless to anyone wanting to market a product or service on the net. He'll clear up many misconceptions and set you straight on what works and what doesn't work and how to determine the difference.”
-- Joseph Sugarman, Chairman of BluBlocker Corporation

“This astonishing book reveals how people REALLY think--so you can capture, direct and lead them into buying your product or service. Stories and drawings bring these previously secret principles to life, making this a joy to read, to boot. I actually took just one clever idea--from a cartoon, no less--and dramatically improved a sales letter I wrote. Riveting. Mind-expanding. A masterpiece.-- Joe Vitale, author of "Hypnotic Marketing" and numerous other books and tapes, www.mrfire.com

“An extraordinary array of proven business building secrets guaranteed to skyrocket your internet profits upward then skyward! This book is destined to become the classic for leapfrogging your online competition!” -- Mike Litman, Co-author #1 International Best-Seller "Conversations with Millionaires,"

“Buy and study this book. It Reveals the psychological keys you need to earn a fortune online. “Full of jealously guarded marketing secrets by one of the world's most successful online entrepreneurs. Discover how to earn millions with zero marketing cost or risk. Mark Joyner's amazing online success story comes to life. Mark holds nothing back in this how-to-succeed-on-the-Internet classic. This book is destined to become the online Marketing Bible." -- Ted Nicholas, author of “Magic Words that Bring You Riches”

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