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Michel Fortin
"Drumming up Business"

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Copywriter, author, speaker and marketing consultant, Michel Fortin, specializes in direct response copy writing and critiquing of sales letters, direct mail ...

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Michel Fortin,
Drumming up Business

A direct response copywriter for close to 15 years, Michel Fortin has an uncanny knack for writing clearly, persuasively and vibrantly. In fact, his track record speaks for itself.

In the last few years, he was instrumental in selling millions of dollars worth of products and services for a wide variety of clients stretching close to 200 different industries.

But Michel's highly sought-after selling and writing skills did not appear overnight. In fact, they stemmed from a personal, burning desire that became the springboard for his success. "That's why copywriting or even selling," says Fortin, "is not something you were born with... It's a learned skill."

From Humble Beginnings

Michel Fortin speaks from personal experience. Born with a minor physical disability, he was abused by an alcoholic father who simply could not accept that he "failed." To him, Michel was a "failure."

As a result, he lived a secluded childhood in an attempt to avoid his father (and the rest of the world) as much as he could, and fought an overwhelming fear of rejection. (Even to this day, as his father is now institutionalized with an alcoholism-related mental illness called Korsakov's Disease.)

One Day, A Quote Inspired Him

The quote was from Thoreau, which said, "Do what you fear and the death of that fear is certain." So, he plunged into sales in order to fight his fears head-on. But working on strict commissions, his lack of sales forced him to file for bankruptcy at the still young age of 21.

Fueled by his unique ability to write persuasively, and after many years of trial and error, Michel finally discovered the key. By using compelling copywriting and lead generation techniques, he began to attract qualified clients.

The result? Michel became the top sales producer for a Fortune 500 insurance company. In the last decade alone, he generated over $35 million in sales for numerous employers and clients all over the globe.

"The Copywriter's Copywriter!"

Today, Michel Fortin is a sought-after direct response copywriter, even writing copy for the world's top copywriters and marketers whose reputations would shrivel in a heartbeat if their followers ever found out someone else wrote their own copy!

In fact, one of his salesletters recently produced a record-breaking $1.08 million in sales in just 18 hours of its official launch.

His extensive and increasing portfolio varies from individual entrepreneurs, Internet marketers and small businesses, to large multinationals.

See a partial client list, a few samples of his work and what others say about him. In fact, Michel has written copy for the likes of...

  • John Reese
  • Yanik Silver
  • Simon Grabowski
  • Stephen Pierce
  • Jay Abraham
  • Kirt Christensen
  • Terry Dean
  • Ted Ciuba
  • Frank Kern
  • Michael Kimble 
  • Shawn Casey, Esq.
  • Jason Potash
  • Dr. Neil Shearing
  • Nitro Marketing
  • Mark Joyner
  • Miguel Alvarez
  • Bill Hammond, Esq.
  • Holly Cotter

... And so many more!

A Natural Born Teacher

Michel speaking at a recent
$1,500-a-seat conference.

What's more, Michel Fortin is known for his remarkable teaching ability. He's a former college teacher in Marketing, Personal Selling, Sales Management and Internet Marketing.

Michel publishes a free, monthly email newsletter, The Profit Pill. In it, he reveals copywriting tips, techniques and resources.

But his love is coaching individuals how to write compelling sales copy. That's why he launched his private website at TheCopyDoctor.com, where you can learn how to write killer copy by seeing him do it, "live" on video, each month.

He's also an in-demand speaker and often talks at conferences and seminars around the world charging as much as $3,000 a seat to attend! He also gives teleseminars regularly, such as WebCopyExplained.com.

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