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Back Stage with the STARS

Meet this week's guest star
Joe "Mr Fire" Vitale
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Joe Vitale is an explosive "results only!" marketing consultant. He has helped over 200 authors and publishers write, publish and promote their books. Joe's clients include small presses to large publishing houses, such as Doubleday Books in New York. He has also helped large companies, from The American Red Cross to Hermann Children's Hospital in Houston. In short, he knows what he's talking about. Check out Joe's dynamic new program "The New Awakening" here

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"Magic, Joe. Magic!"

Joe is a fiery and inspiring speaker. He has spoken before hundreds of business groups, including the Sales and Marketing Executives, and the first Houston Publishers and Authors Association conference. His topics include:

-- The Most Powerful Marketing Tool on Earth
-- How to Write Copy That SELLS!
-- How to Promote Your Business Online --
Without Being Flamed!

Speaking Programs

Joe "Mr Fire!" Vitale can deliver 20-minute teasers and full-day seminars on the following:

  • Rare Marketing Secrets: New Ways to Advertise, Market and Promote Your Business.

  • Marketing Signals: How Your Inner Energy Attracts the Business You Get.

  • CyberWriting: How to Promote Your Product or Service Online (without being flamed).

  • How to Get Rich, Famous, and Live Forever: The power of the "lost secrets" in business today.
  • Turbocharge Your Marketing: How to Write Sales Letters, Ads, and Brochures that Get RESULTS.


His reputation for writing powerful copy is well known:

  • One of his sales letters achieved a record-breaking 91% response.

  • One of his ads brought in 500 responses in only 30 days.

  • A press release he wrote got a reporter to call only 7 minutes after it was released.

Joe has also written several books of his own, including:

  • CyberWriting: How to Promote Your Product or Service Online (Without Being Flamed)

  • The Seven Lost Secrets of Success

  • Turbocharge Your Writing

  • The AMA Complete Guide to Small Business Advertising

  • Check out Joe's dynamic new program "The New Awakening" here


"Joe Vitale's ads are so powerful because, in addition to being in tune with the desires of customers in today's world, Joe is a great student of the work of the masters of the craft from yesteryear. As such, he is able to write copy that combines the timeless with the here and now; the universal with the contemporary; the eternal with the chic. In my expereince most writers are biased towards one approach or the other, but Joe is equally skilled in both. Believe me, Joe's work will bring you qualified customers almost immediately!" -Peter Quinones, New York City

"With Joe's publicity help and one single MAGICAL press release he wrote for me, I said lights, camera and action!! Three national TV shows in one week (BIG shows-THE VIEW, E!, NATIONAL ENQUIRER TV). The segment on THE VIEW went so well, they were even talking about it the next day. (My "Showgirl Exercises" were even mentioned by Barbara Walters!) These are shows I've always dreamed about getting on, and hitting three home runs in one week is something to brag about. Thanks Joe!" -- Dr. Scott Lewis

Check out Joe's dynamic new program
"The New Awakening" here

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