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The Joe and Mable Showcase

Joe & Mable
Forget Me Not

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Joe and Mable are on vacation until January 12th, 2004 when Willie Crawford will join us.

Here's a little skit to tide you over unil then.

Happy Holidays everyone!

Listen in now to
Series 2 - Episode 9

Joe and Mable
Forget Me Not

Mable's song

Mable: Joe?

Joe: Yes Mable?

Mable: Did you remember to tell everyone that the Joe and Mable show is on reruns until January 9th and that Willie Crawford will star in our First 2005 episode.

Joe: Yes Mable, I told everyone in the WebPro Times today.

Mable: You did?

Joe: Sure did! Why are you so surprised?

Mable: Because, Joe sometimes you forget things.

Joe: Forget things! I don’t forget important things.

Mable: Really, Joe- how about the time you forgot to make reservations for Valentines day and we ended up at Kentucky fried chicken?

FX Sound: take it from the colonel

Or how about the time you said you would buy me a watch and you forgot so you told me that time had just run out.

Joe: I said that?

Mable: Yes Joe, you came home without a watch and came up with some cockamamie story about how the time had run out.

FX Sound: Time is on my side – Rolling Stones

Joe: Hey, that's a pretty good line, Mable don't you think?

Mable: Yes it's a good line, Joe, but what does that have to do with anything?

Joe: Well you like good lines, don't you? You’re always asking me to write better ones for you.

Mable: Yes, but... Joe, are you purposely trying to confuse the issue here?

Joe: Who me?

Mable: Yes you, Joe. You are trying to avoid the issue here. I can feel it. You’re being evasive and not straight forward with me, and…

Joe: Mable, Go wrestle an alligator.

Mable: That's my line, Joe.

Joe: Whoops, sorry, I forgot!

Mable: see what I mean you forgot.

FX Sound: Tie me kangaroo down sport – Rolf Harris

Mable's song.

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