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Back Stage With The Stars

Meet this week's guest star
Eva Browne-Paterson

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Evie B is a legend in the newsletter arena. From her home down under in Australia she has ammassed a loyal following in excess of 62,000 readers. Now that's a nice size ezine. You can
find out more about her ezine here.

Listen in now to
"The UggBoots Mystery"

If you've been looking for quality business resources you can use to brand your business, increase your exposure, build an opt-in list and market affordably - preferably free? EvieB's Ezine is the place to be.

As a subscriber you gain instant access to the subscriber's Goodies page where you can download over 160 marketing and business tools, You get a heads up news on freebies, special offers and great deals and, as Evie B says, "I've got lots of friends on the internet and I don't mind sharing with my subscribers."

EvieB's New-Z also gives you the opportunity to place one free ad per week to over 62,000 marketers. Easily one of the most valuable resources she offers -- and best of all... it's absolutely free of charge.

Here's what some of her subscribers think...

  • "As a regular ezine advertiser, I have yet to find the quality, professionalism and response rates that equal EvieB's New-Z. Your quality publication, promptness and generosity will keep me coming back again and again. Thanks for being there!"
    Scott Taylor

  • "Hi EvieB, I have to tell you that your ezine is the only one of about 50 that I subscribe to that I actually look forward to and read every issue. You are doing an excellent job and I envy your natural talent for writing. PS: I have never won so many contests as I have from your ezine, AWESOME!" Michael Loomis

  • "Eva, I can't sing your praises enough!! The Ad copy you've done for me is fantastic, getting a great response from it, and all your advice & guidance is MUCH appreciated! I don't know what I'd do without you now!! :-) Thanks Eva!
    Kevin Lewis"

Evie B's ezine isn't just any old ordinary ezine either... She uses many "original inventive" ways to help you promote your business absolutely free! Take advantage of these original marketing concepts today.

Subscribe to Evie B's ezine here...

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