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The Joe and Mable Showcase

Joe and Mable
Mable's Broken Arm

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"Why is Mable so anxious to know where Joe went on their last night in Texas?" Where is the old Narrator and where did Joe dig the new one up? And Who cares?

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Series 2 -Episode 2 now

"Back in the Big Apple - Part 2"

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Mable's half song


Well now, Be Gosh and Be Gorrah, What do we have here?

Mable and Joe are in New York

(New York, New York song)

Mable's been trying to get Joe to tell her where he disappeared to in Texas. I personally think he went drinking.

New Voice - We don't pay you to think.

(Don't think twice song)

As I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted - Joe ain't talking and Mable's...

Loud crashing sound

Mable : Ouch

Oh dear, Mable seems to have slipped and landed on her posterior and from that awful wail in the background she sounds like she broke her arm.

And so our story continues....

Mable: Joe?

Joe: Yes, Mable.

Mable: Did you have to push me as hard as you did?

Joe: Say what???

Mable: Just kidding Joe, but my doctor says it will take me 8 weeks to get over this broken arm and he thinks I should sue you. He said he would testify for 5%.

Joe: Sue Me? For what?

Mable: For everything you have, Joe

Joe: Hang on a sec here Mable. I am real sorry you broke your arm but what did I have to do with it.

Mable: It's simple Joe. If you'd gotten up earlier and I hadn't been all alone in front of the copy machine where I slipped, you might have caught me and then I wouldn't haven't broken my arm.

Joe: Mable, it was 5.00 o'clock in the morning.

Mable: I know Joe, but if you were there, this probably wouldn't have happened.

Joe: Let me see if I have this right. I should have been up at 5 o'clock in the morning, having a coffee in front of the copy machine so I could have caught when you were planning to slip and break your arm.

Mable: Not exactly Joe, but close enough.

Joe: Okay I get it. You're blaming me for some I didn't do because I wasn't there to do it. I think I'm going to ignore you.

Mable: What do you mean you are going to ignore me. I don't like being ignored.

Silence - (song sounds of silence)

Mable: Joe, are you going to talk to me?

Silence (Silence is golden)

Mable: Joe, This is not funny. I broke my arm, not my tongue. I can still talk you know...

Joe: Yes, Mable I know. Couldn't you have broken your tongue.

Mable: What did you say?

Joe: Sorry, just dreaming aloud...

Mable: Ah Joe, Go wrestle an alligator

Joe: It's a crocodile Mable. We wrestle croc-o-diles. I've invited one to dinner to show you the difference.


Well now... what do we have here?

Mable is thinking about suing Joe

Joe isn't talking to Mable

Mable isn't talking to Joe because he was absent when she fell and broke her arm.

Joe was hoping Mable would lose her voice.

Mable: I didn't lose my voice.

Narrator: No she didn't and now I can't hear meself think...

Anyway, tune in next week to see if these two can get back to whatever it is they do.

Joe and Mable Together:


Narrator: Ah yes, Advertising.

That wonderful occupation where you convince people to buy something that won't really benefit them, which they don't really need, at a price they can't afford because the offer is too good to pass up.

Tune in next week and see what shenanigans our two marketing heroes are up to...

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