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Mable's Fresh Spinach Salad


1 bunch fresh spinach
6 large mushrooms sliced
10 cherry tomatoes
1 sliced red onion
1 scallion chopped

In a sald bowl combine the salad ingredients above.
Add dressing


1 half cup mayonaise-Hellmans is a must
2 table spoons of sour cream
1 capful white vinegar
The juice of one quarter of a lemon
1 clove garlic finely chopped or if
lazy use garlic bits. Note I am lazy.

A pinch of Colman's dry mustard pepper to taste
Lawrey salt to taste
A tinch of Tabasco sauce
A tinch of Worchestershire sauce and
A touch of Paprika

Combine ingredients in a bowl. Stick your finger in it and
taste it and add more of this or that to suit.

Toss lightly onto salad using just enough dressing to cover the spinach leaves. Do not over dress please, or instead of being light and refreshing, it will be gooky and yooky not to mention those calories.

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