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The Joe and Mable Showcase

Joe and Mable

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"MMM, Mable wants to go shopping for a handbag. The narrator thinks something else is afoot and Joe is oblivious to everything.

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Series 2 -Episode 4 now

"Rendezvous at Tiffany's"

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Last week Mable managed to separate Joe from $9000.00 during a visit to one of New York's trendiest department stores. Mable said she just wanted lunch.

FX Sound: You ain't whistling Dixie, brother

Narrator: Anyway, Mable was miffed that Joe didn't tell her he had $9000.00 lying around, even though she was the beneficiary.

Mable: I'm not dead.

Narrator: Mores the pity.

FX Sound: (Crying – Roy Orbison)

Narrator: It seems Mable has one compelling thought. She wants to fly to Paris at any cost. Maybe she would have preferred that Joe spend the money on a few nights in a posh French hotel.

Mable: In a New York Minute...

Narrator: And so our story continues.

Mable: Joe!

Joe: Yes, Mable?

Mable: Would you mind if I ran uptown for a couple of hours?

Joe: Wouldn't it be quicker to take a cab?

Mable: Be serious Joe.

Joe: Just kidding, Mable. Do you want me to come with you?

Mable: Nah, Joe. I just want to look for a new pocket book and I think you‘d find that boring.

Joe: Sure Mable, go ahead. Have some fun.

FX Sound: Traffic

FX Sound: Door opening.

Doorman: Welcome to Tiffany's, Madame.

Mable: Thanks, do you know where to go to sell a diamond necklace.

Doorman: To a pawn shop.

Mable: A Pawn shop? Are you kidding? I have this beautiful necklace and I want to sell it to Tiffany's. Look at it. It's really unusual. I need to sell it fast.

Doorman: Why, Madame? Is it stolen.

FX Sound: Police Siren

Mable: No, it's not stolen. My partner, Joe, bought it for me.

Doorman: He has good taste, Madam.

Mable: Yes, he does, but I need to sell it so I can go to Paris. I've always wanted to go to Paris.

Doorman: Does your partner know?

Mable: Yes, he knows. He's going to come to Paris with me.

FX Sound. I love Paris – Frank Sinatra

Doorman: No madam, you misunderstood me. Does he know you came here to sell the necklace?

Mable: No. I didn't tell him.

Doorman: Don’t you think he might get annoyed when he learns you sold the necklace he bought you.

Mable: Hmmm. I didn't think about that. He might be quite upset.

Doorman: I imagine so, madam.

Mable: So you don't think I should sell it, huh?

Doorman: No, Madam, I wouldn't.

Mable: Maybe you're right. Thanks for your help.

Doorman: My pleasure, madam.

: Hi, Joe, I'm back.

Joe: Did you find what you were looking for?

Mable: Not exactly, Joe. How was your day? Did you miss me?

Joe: I have a surprise for you.

Mable: Really, Joe? A surprise? What is it?

: Take a look.

FX Sound: Surprise, surprise, surprise – Gomer Pyle

Mable: Oh Joe, It's beautiful. It matches my necklace perfectly. Where did you get it?

Joe: I went to Saks while you were out and I bought the matching bracelet.

Mable: Joe, you're a gem. This is great.

Joe: Glad you like it, Mable.

Mable: Did you buy the matching earrings too, Joe?

Joe: Don't push your luck, Mable or I might have to put a lock on my wallet and delay your trip to Paris by a few years.

Mable: Ah Joe, go wrestle an alligator.

Joe: It's a crocodile, Mable. We wrestle cro-co-diles and they do enjoy dining on well-adorned women.

FX Sound: Tie me kangaroo down sport

Narrator: Begosh and Begorrah, Mable seems to be imitating the gift of the Magi.

Mable: I'm not an imitation of anything.

Narrator: No, Mable, You are definitely an original.

Well now, where were we. Oh yes. Mable almost sold Joe's $9000 necklace. That would have ticked Joe off, the matching bracelet he bought her wouldn't have matched anything, and Paris would have to.

Thank goodness there was a nice doorman at Tiffany's who was able to get her to see reason.

Mable: Maybe I should have had breakfast before I left.

FX Sound: Breakfast at Tiffany's.

Narrator: What?

Mable: Never mind.

Narrator: So the necklace is safe, Mable is happy and I'm so hungry I could eat a pair of matching earrings.

Mable: That's not in the script.

Narrator: Blast, I lost me place again. Will you stop interrupting me.

FX Sound: Terribly long apology.

Narrator: Tune in next week to see if Mable has mended her way